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Award winning photography and design. Besite Productions and Neil Montgomery create Digital Art for exhibition, corporate identity, adverstising and private collections.Pacific Connections

'Meri Wantaim Pikinini' by Tom Deko
Courtesy of Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery & Alcheringa Gallery

'AVATAR' image courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox (Now available on Blu-Ray & DVD)

'Lost Land of the Volcano' images courtesy of BBC Natural History Unit, Bristol

Ines de CastroAmsterdam by NightFlamenco tiene duende

Neil Montgomery has experience in Producing location based film and video and multi-camera studio production. Examples here are 'Ines de Castro' a theatrical production televised for BBC2 and RTP(Portugal), 'Amsterdam by Night', a light-hearted look at Cannabis Culture and Coffee-shop Society in Amsterdam, shot on 16mm for Channel 4, and 'Flamenco tiene duende' a short art-film made with Director Charmaine Chinniah. Has many years experiecne in broadcast and corporate production and has played an important role in the development of broadcast facilities and non-linear editing in Scotland.

Currently in development with a short 'Steven's Dad' and experimenting with the emerging new medium of machinima.