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Award winning photography and design. Besite Productions and Neil Montgomery create Digital Art for exhibition, corporate identity, adverstising and private collections.Pacific Connections

Flamenco tiene duende

Produced and Directed by Charmaine Chinniah
Produced and Edited by Neil Montgomery

Working with live footage of Flamenco dancers in the Bulerias style, 'Flamenco tiene duende' evokes the spirit of the dance through abstract impressionism. Colours and texture and expressive movements, like Flamenco itself, render an idiomatic relationship with the bullring, or fighting birds, where the flair and intensity of life competes with death.

Oppositions of structure and freedom, light and dark, fast and slow permeate the performance through the softness of swirling skirts and delicate hand gestures and the hardness of stomping feet and clapping hands. Flourishing spirals of colour, sharp, graphic lines and the improvised bonding between dancers and guitar, image and music, symbolise the powerful duality of freedom and structure in the dance.