Web Design

The manners and practices of graphic design are the foundation of a well designed website, including an appreciation of the particular media being employed. In the case of web pages the properties of the media have changed dramatically in the last ten years and continue to evolve at an astonishing rate. New tools are available for construction, the presence of responsive and device aware diffusion is now standard, 3D elements, virtual spaces and augmented reality are arriving as welcome components, and content management systems have become more elaborate than run-of-the-mill, do-it-yourself blog posts. It’s now very much easier for anyone with web presence requirements to build their own beautiful and functioning site, and to incorporate their site with their active Social Media presence. One downside of this liberation is a flattening of diversity; making things easy has also made them rather disappointingly uniform. This monotony is what a designer can help you escape from, even in situations where, for example, institutional uniformity is one of the constraints you have to embrace. 

Whether you need a complex, animated, interactive, e-commerce colossus with ongoing support or a simple landing page, BESite can deliver; either the entire package or elements created to enhance your own design assembly.    

The above examples are:

1)  Centre for Pacific Studies, Department of Social Anthropology, The University of St Andrews, Scotland. This extensive academic website is part of an ongoing comprehensive design relationship that embraces corporate identity, publicity, promotional material, exhibition and event design, publication layout and typesetting, photography and filmmaking.

2)  Esther Yamuza, Storyteller, Seville, Spain. This media intensive, creative profile website is also part of an ongoing comprehensive design relationship that includes creative identity, publicity, promotional material, photography, filmmaking, and team-working with other artists and designers.

3)   The Muscle and Movement Company, Specialist Physiotherapy, Edinburgh, Scotland. This professional services website is again part of an ongoing creative relationship that includes corporate identity, promotional material and photography. The website functions as an appointment booking option and payment facility.

4)   Greg Sinclair, Performance Artist and Musician, Edinburgh, Scotland. This award winning creative profile website is no longer active but served Greg well for many years and was an absolute joy to produce; It’s here as an example of a bespoke graphics intensive website. Greg works with kids and theatre and wanted a site that would be fun, distinct and memorable. The link takes you to a functioning ‘front page’ demo. 

5)   Jo Clifford, Playwright and Performance artist, Edinburgh, Scotland. I am currently working with Jo on her new website which will be launched this year. Again, an ongoing creative relationship that has included creative identity, photography, filmmaking and theatrical production for television.

6)  Gremio de la Narración Oral en Andalucía, the profesional organisation of oral storytellers in Andalucia. This is a mixed website for promoting the public face of the organisation and providing a private space for members. The website allows the organisation considerable control over content management.

7)   ART Montgomery is a creative profile space, online gallery and shop for my own family. The website embraces many of the web qualities of the other sites here but with the addition of an eCommerce section built on the WooCommerce platform.