Photography has not only been a significant part of my working life, but it has been a passion of mine since watching my grandfather hang up his home developed negatives to dry in the hall, or being enchanted by my mother splicing together her 8mm movie productions. I grew up in a very artistic family; mother and father painters, my sister a brilliant artist and three times Vice-President of the Royal Society of Painters in Watercolour, and my brother a singer and poet. Our creative works can be seen at I’m fascinated by the process of photography in many different situations and in many different styles so my creative portfolio and my work as can be seen here is eclectic. Having studied both photography and film I am very comfortable working alone or as part of a creative team and in my work I thoroughly enjoy the fundamental conversation with the client as we work towards a satisfactory end.

PORTRAITS: Capturing that moment when an expression touches emotions, reveals character, and poses questions is both the joy and beauty of good portraiture; for the subject, the photographer and for the audience.   See more ….. 

THEATRE: Performance and consciousness are two key elements in my anthropological work because of my fascination for the inseparable relationship between action and space. Theatre is an extremely rich and powerful example of that process as it engages in its narrative with an audience; I find something fantastic about that, something other worldly, in the realised imagination of a performance in a space.   See more …..

WILDLIFE: Plants, Creatures and the Environment create what I’m categorising as ‘wildlife’, so here you will find landscapes and seascapes among the botanical and animal; being essentially mineral. You will also find here my passion for close-ups; a glimpse at detail with a creative eye.   Read more …..

STILL LIFE: Studio based photography for advertising, marketing and cataloguing has been an important element of my work ever since college and intensively for a number of years while with Dunedin Studios in Edinburgh. I like the control and precision in the process, that comes in a quite different form from that of wildlife photography but is equally as challenging and as satisfying, even with something as simple as a product pack-shot.   Read more …..  

REPORTAGE: Spending generous time with people doing what they do in their places is one of the most enjoyable aspects of reportage photography; it’s a privilege actually, infused with the spirit of anthropology, and an endeavour that nourishes me through stills photography and in documentary filmmaking.  Read more …..

RETOUCHING: When I was very young my father worked as a commercial artist and often spent time retouching images to ready them for print. He taught me a lot about the techniques of retouching and laterly always commented on how magnificent it would have been to have Photoshop then. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the tools of Photoshop, ever since it appeared, to improve photographs that for one reason or another require adjustment; not necessarily because of flaws but often because the image is required to perform on a stage different from the one for which it was created.   Read more …..