Film & Video

My broad based experience in filmmaking has camerawork at its core; and radiating out from there, editing, production management, directing and producing. My work in the filmmaking and broadcasting sector includes drama and documentary genres. Drama in its various forms fascinates me and has a clear and powerful relationship with my anthropological interest in performance; for this I feel blessed that I have worked with so many productions for theatre.  Documentary filmmaking has been a lifelong activity that I have found to be incredibly stimulating and deeply satisfying.

PERFORMANCE: I have experience in the production of performance recording from multi-camera studio recording for international broadcast, to single camera on-location recording of solo performances. Each format has its own challenges and its own delights. I find the full spectrum of drama production extremely stimulating and I thoroughly enjoy working along with a team to realise a creative and technically excellent presentation. My BBC training in the Film Unit of BBC Scotland, and many years as a Production Manager and as an Independent Producer has brought me into close contact with all areas of filmmaking and created an embodied infrastructure that allows me freedom to exercise impassioned creativity.   See more ….. 

DOCUMENTARY: I have worked on numerous documentary projects, as a Cameraman, Production Manager, Producer, and as a one-man production unit, for broadcast and independent distribution. Storytelling is at the heart of documentary filmmaking and the process is almost infinitely variable; some stretching over several years while others are captured, edited and presented within a matter of weeks. Producing documentary film offers a unique window on the lives of others and on the world in which we live; the experience is intense, profound, concentrated and at times emotionally taxing. It’s an honour to be allowed into peoples lives at a strikingly intimate level so that they may have their story told, and every one has been an education.   See more …..